Core Self & Career Behavior 


Your success is within you. Support from a coach is a key to access it.

Taking deeper dives in communication, behavioral tendencies, motivators, self-awareness and emotional intelligence, I am driven to help individuals define what success means to them – never settling on someone else’s version of success.

Top Focus Areas

  • Behavioral & Emotional Intelligence Modification for self-enhancement and career growth
  • Strengthen Communication Concepts and Skills to advance relationships and influence in your work
  • Reframe and re-program our core-beliefs for clarity and stress management that comes with daily life and business

You will find that getting to the root of the person is one of the best ways one can modify and manage the overwhelm that comes with a career, relationships and inner-self beliefs.

Let us celebrate the parts of our lives that produce joy and prosperity while revamping your method of task management, communication, and goal setting to suit your personality and behaviors naturally. 

Advantage from Coaching to your Core Self

Nurture behavioral patterns & creative solutions for your whole life and career balance by speaking to the core of YOU.

You'll benefit from self-enhancement by:

Gaining more joy, more peace, more influence, and more control by releasing control

Support using methods to move the subconscious to the conscious mind for alignment, beliefs, identity and the impact of embracing or modification of behaviors and emotions

Determining Needs and Values that drive our behavior

-behavior that can be changed-
-behavior that directly or indirectly impact others-
-behavior that affect individual well-being, effective performance, collaboration, and leadership-

Better mental clarity, resilience, and engagement with others and in tough situations

Mindset shifts for personal, behavioral, and relationship communication 

Discover new and adaptive ways of looking at and responding to stress

Increasing self-awareness and improving processes of daily life  

Trust that you’ll have more to give at the end of the day by honoring your own needs 

Opportunity to understand the spiritual self-the belief in something beyond the self (ego)- and experience life beyond a sensory and physical level 

You'll renew career-satisfaction by:

Invigorating and executing your clear vision and mission

Balancing your busyness using your spirit, presence, and finding enjoyment in the process

Self-improvement and Self-recognition of business mastery skills

Inner-creative business development decisions

People-management and influential communication skills

Leadership confidence growth

Gaining perspective and application of accountability measures to reach your goals

Team building and community building skills techniques 

Coaching Clients Have Bonus Access To

Trimetrix EQ: Assessment: 1. DISC Behavior 2. Motives Assessment and 3. Emotional Quotient Assessment PLUS a 1 hour Assessment Debriefing  Consultation [$175 Assessment Value; 1 hour (1-1) Consultation $75 Value]

Simplified Technology Hub: Tailored & individualized guide to simple, free and affordable technology solutions to store, organize, project-manage work-flow, and stream-line your time prioritization for daily business activities, client growth, email marketing, meetings, and tasks using a customized operations package...that is virtually free of cost and allows you to find the BEST option that fits your needs and budget.  [2 hour set up and onboarding $150]  

Non-Coaching Customers

Customers may purchase the TriMetrix Report & Consultation and/or Simplified Technology Hub individually. Please text/call (504) 228-7678 or email to inquire. 


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Abelson EQ Certified Badge 2023


She meets you where you are while still challenging you with kindness, honesty and strength.
"I can’t say enough about Rebecca! The major things that come to mind having coached with her is that she is just a down to earth, sincere human. She listens… truly listens and has zero judgement. She meets you where you are while still challenging you with kindness, honesty and strength. Anyone would be lucky to work with her. "
Dustin Lewis  (Licensed Realtor, Certified eXp Realty Mentor)

Step right up for the Magical, Powerful Becky!

"Becky has been an invaluable guide to me personally. Her ability to help me create a step-by-step path to create forward momentum in my life has been a game changer! She guided and encouraged me to take my big dreams and showed me tools and shifted my mindset to take the steps to make them happen.  You can feel her excitement and love for helping others do things that they thought they could never do!  Her vast experience in so many realms of life gives her an expansive library of knowledge, wisdom and tools to help co-create a magical path forward."

Kristin Kerin (Reiki Master III and Clarity Coach)

The time Rebecca Robb invested in me, guiding me on my next moves was, self rewarding, and life-changing!
"I had always known Rebecca Robb as a diligent hard worker, who was also a full-time mom. A few years ago, she encouraged me to expand my career. This encouragement and change in mindset provided an opportunity for me to expand my capabilities and skill sets. I had the first-hand opportunity to experience her strengths in career coaching. The time Rebecca Robb invested in me, guiding me on my next moves was, self rewarding, and life-changing! Rebecca brings many years of wisdom and instinct to her coaching process. Her insightful questions, clarity of goals, creating measurable outcomes, and the reflection process continue to guide my decisions today. I highly recommend Rebecca as an invaluable resource that any person should utilize in developing their career, or personal path."
Lauren Faucheux (Education Technology Coordinator and Licensed Realtor)
She’s a great coach that listens and sincerely cares about helping me be a better mentor and overall person.
"I highly recommend Rebecca! She’s a great coach that listens and sincerely cares about helping me be a better mentor and overall person. She presents questions and exercises that are both challenging and fun. You get a totally supportive and honest coach when you work with her."
Matthew Colon ( Licensed Realtor, Certified eXp Realty Mentor)
With her assistance and coaching, I was able to manifest the vision I had for my business.
"Becky has been an invaluable part of the success of my practice. With her assistance and coaching, I was able to manifest the vision I had for my business. She guided me to not only create a plan but to also put it into action. Her commitment to her clients is unparalleled. Becky coached me throughout the entire process. I felt completely understood and supported by her. I cannot recommend her enough."
Shari Sames (Naga Healing)

About Me

The Benefits You Will Experience Working With Me:
-A Growth Coach helps in the now and moving forward, and will pass on deep issues or traumas to a suitable therapist

-Assist you to discover and overcome personal barriers

-Uncover how YOU can make the most of your precious time and energy

-Support your desires for growing a career, improving confidence, communication skills and business relationships

-Get clear on what you need and desire

-Help clients design projects that they're going to be laser focused on to get started

-Help clients to know themselves better and come from a place of choice rather than reactivity or habit when making decisions or in a certain situation

-Empower that inner voice that's got the exact message that you need

-Make the most of your precious time and energy after applying science-backed strategies to overcome procrastination in your work and personal life

-Help you uncover new, more adaptive ways of thinking about and responding to stress

-Reframe and re-program our beliefs (societal, generational, cultural, religious, familial, trauma-bonded) that we are trapped in so that we may connect to our higher selves and how to incorporate these

Qualified Service You Will Experience Working With Me:
-Two decades experience in small business operations, human resource compliance, employee performance and project management

-Masters in Business, University of New Orleans

-Properly trained and certified with specific skills in actively listening, questioning, guiding (not advising) and leading (not instructing, unless approved)

-SUCCESS® Coaching Certified

-Certified in Abelson DISC encompassing training on Behavior, Motives, Driving Forces, Stress (Leader Stress/Team Stress), Dimensional Balance (Security/Insecurity, Reliability & Consistency)

-Certified in Emotional Intelligence and trained on how to assess it using Emotional Quotient assessment that aid with self-development skills by bringing awareness to the core-self in alignment, beliefs, identity and the impact of embracing or modification of behaviors and emotions

-Growth Development Coach for entrepreneurs in both self-improvement skills in business management, leadership, communication, mindset, accountability, building community, team building, and vision execution

-Experienced Group Training & Coaching: Group Leadership Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners & Founder and Co-leader of a pro bono group designed to enhance whole life wellness using both teaching and coaching skills in one space; where our vision is uncovering the core-self and connecting self development with a practical path forward using reflection, integration and accountability practices

My Behavioral and Emotional Profile:

"I have always been more curious about the Why people do things versus What people do. Understanding the three (behavior, motives, & emotional intelligence) amplifies our ability to really understand a person at the core. I have a belief that it opens up opportunity for one to get clear on who they are now so they get clear on where they want to be. I have been the person people seek for an ear and support. Interpersonal Relationships and Collaboration are two components I feel is important to making a career and relationships successful. You must get to the core of yourself first. When you can understand what makes you YOU, you are better equipped to understand and communicate better with others. In turn, this skill can enhance mindset and productivity."

-I have a higher than average score in emotional intelligence for Social Awareness & Social Regulation which makes it easy for people to like, trust, and work with me

-I am team oriented and skilled in group dynamics (both in speaking skills and listening skills)

-I carry an enthusiastic yet relaxed, steady demeanor. Responsible by nature, I am persistent with goals

-I bring compassion and consideration as well as candor to a session

-I have always had genuine interest in people’s behaviors and motives and have a the knack for social well-being

-Excellent listening & observational skills, with highly developed interpersonal and communication skills

-Non-judgmental attitude and ability to connect with people from all backgrounds. Coaching that supports every gender of any socioeconomic status to make a difference in their world for themselves and others

-Demonstrate the confidence to challenge clients in an empathic way and provide feedback effectively and elegantly to help clients to make better decisions for their life and career

-Confidentiality and the ability to work within appropriate boundaries

-Productive working relationship with clients in a short space of time

-Conduct sessions at a high professional level and prepared to go the extra mile with a client that is in need

-Excellent organizational skills to manage clients and associated administration

-Freedom of schedule to be able to prioritize client management scheduling requirements

-Ongoing personal experience with the inner-development journey and growth, and self-regulation

-Inspire, motivate and encourage clients throughout the change process to discover and overcome their personal barriers


Contact with any questions.

​Want to learn more?

Sign up for 1 complimentary 30 minute Success® Wheel session

The goal is for you to transform rather than feeling stuck and overwhelmed, so you can delete those energy draining tasks and only say yes to the things you can attend and that are positive. I believe everything on your calendar should fire you up and remind yourself to do something that brings you joy each day. 

Together we can devise and craft an agenda to work on the "cause" to get the desired "effect". Kicking the traditional balance wheel aside for the SUCCESS® tool that will help you identify and monitor your progress in five major areas of life: Business, Purpose, Wellness, Relationships, and Social in ten different subsegments! With the Success Wheel you'll discover that true success emerges where your personal and professional life cross.

​This Success® Wheel takes into account:
-assessing the current state and reality of life,
-short-term and long-term perspectives on life,
-ranks satisfaction and priority with each area of life,
-the balance between your inner world and your outer world,
-and creates an objective for a path-forward.